1. The Dean is head of the Medical school/college and responsible for all undergraduate and postgraduate medical teaching and research, and reports to the Board
  2. He is responsible for all budgetary and financial matters relating to the medical school and its functions
  3. The Dean selects from the faculty an Associate Dean for undergraduate education, and an Associate Dean for postgraduate education, approved by the Board and designated as such, provided that the Dean may not simultaneously hold the position of Dean and Associate Dean.
  4. The Dean selects an Associate Dean for Research for approval by the Board, provided that the Dean may not simultaneously hold the position of Dean and Associate Dean.
  5. The Dean is advised by an Academic Council, of which he is Chairman; the Academic Council will consist of the Heads of all the Medical School departments plus two faculty members elected by the faculty – one each from the basic and clinical science faculties – plus the Associate Dean.
  6. The Dean acts in all clinical matters in close liaison with the Hospital and Medical Directors.


  • Perform the duties of the Principal as and when so delegated.
  • Carry out any other duties that may be assigned to them by the Principal, Ayub Medical College.
  • The Vice-Principal (Academics) is the Vice-Chairman/Secretary of the Academic Council. In the absence of the Principal, Vice-Principal (Academics) presides over the meetings of the Council.


Dean                           Professor Dr. Aziz un Nisa Abbasi
Vice Dean (Admin) Professor Dr. Delawar Khan
Associate Dean (Dentistry) Professor Dr. Iram Abbas
Associate Dean (Postgraduate) Professor Dr. Nasir Qazmi
Associate Dean (Undergraduate) Professor Dr. Naeema Afzal
Associate Dean (Research) Professor Dr. Umer Farooq
Chief Provost (Boys’ Hostel) Professor Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq
Provost (Boys’ Hostel) Mr. Manzoor Qadir
Chief Provost (Girls’ Hostel) Professor Dr. Ruhila Hanif Orakzai
Librarian Mr. Shams-ud-Din
Assistant Librarian Mr. Nayyar Islam
Cataloger Mr. Murad Ali
Deputy Director Administration Mr. Mohammad Shiraz
Chief Security Officer Col R Muhammad Tahir
Accounts Officer Mr. Ehsan Khan Jadoon
Director Physical Education Mr. Bilal Khan Jadoon
Warden Girls’ Hostel Mrs. Rawasia Syed, Mrs. Sobia Gulzar
House-Keeper Girls’ Hostel Mrs. Sheeraz Bano, Mrs. Tahira
IT Manager Ms. Kanwal Rubab
Superintendent Students’ Affairs Mr. Muhammad Tariq Jadoon
Superintendent Establishment Mr. Sajid Hussain
Superintendent Accounts Mrs. Kiran
Superintendent Stores Mr. Mohammad Shafique, Mr. Mohammad Bashir
Superintendent Principal’s Office Mr. Baidar Hussain Shah
Elector Medical Supervisor Mr. Amjad Ali
Superintendent Boys’ Hostels Mr. Sohlat Khan, Mr. Iltaf Ahmad Lodhi,

Mr. Babar Bashir, Mr. Tahir Mahmood

Maintenance Incharge Mr. Mohammad Farooq
Technologist Mr. Qazi Latif Ur Rehman
Chief Clinical Technician (Path) Mr. Ghulam Mohammad
Chief Clinical Technician (Path) Mr. Manzoor Ahmad