For smooth running of the academic activities and to share administration of the College, the Principal has constituted the following Committees:

Inspection Committee

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq                                        Chairman

Dr. Kamran Rizvi                                                                                            Member

Dr. Zeeshan Haroon                                                                                      Member

Dr. Asfandyar Qureshi                                                                                  Member

Mr. Muhammad Shiraz                                                                                 Member

Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee

Prof. Dr. Sumbal Tariq                                                Chairperson

Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad                                                                                          Member

Dr. Shahbaz Ali Khan                                                                                    Member

Dr. Amir Nazir                                                                                                Member

 Library and Computer Lab Committee

Prof. Dr. Ruqia Sultana                                              Chairperson

Dr. Nuzhat Raza                                                                                              Member

Dr. Fiaz Ahmad                                                                                               Member

Dr. Noaman Hussain Siddiqui                                                                     Member

Dr. Zeeshan Haroon                                                                                       Member


Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad Chairman
Mr. Muhammad Tahir Member
Mr. Ehsan Khan Member


Dr. Sher Shah Chairman
Dr. Shugufta Naeem Member
Dr. Salma Shazia Member
Dr. Zeeshan Haroon Member
Dr. Inam-ur-Rehman Member
Dr. Asfand Yar Qureshi Member
Dr. Muhammad Faheem Member
Dr. Alamzeb Jadoon Member
Dr. Shahid Usman Member
Mr. Manzoor Qadir Member
Lt. Col. (R) Mr. Muhammad Tahir Member

Clinico Pathological Conference

Prof. Dr. Arshad Zafar Chairman
Prof. Dr. Alamzeb Khan Member
Dr. Rubina Shaheen Member
Dr. Aftab Alam Member
Dr. Shakeel Jadoon Member
Dr. Adil Naseer Member
Dr. Saima Bukhari Member
Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad Member
Dr. Anila Riaz Member