Meeting of the Board of Governors MTI, Abbottabad was held on 4 September, 2020 in the conference room of Ayub Medical College. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Asim Yousaf and was attended by all the members of BOG including Maj. Gen(R) Dr. Amjad Faheem, Maj (R) Dr. Saddiqe ur Rehman & Dr. Ejaz Khan. The Executives including Dean/CEO Professor. Dr. Umar Farooq, Medical Director Professor. Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb, Hospital Director Dr. Nadeem Akhter, Finance Director Mr. Abdul Qadeer, and Nursing Director. Mr. Shams Ulhuda also attended the meeting.

The executives presented their respective agendas for Ayub Medical College and Ayub Teaching Hospital and important decisions were taken including the Contract Pay Scale policy, Contributory Provident Fund policy, and Disciplinary policy among others.

The Chairman and Board members along with executives met with the patients of eye incident and ensured them all the support and necessary treatment.