National Youth Carnival, an event organized by Laison Corp. With KP Govt.’s support was held at Qayyum Stadium Peshawar on 8-10 Dec, 2017. A team from Ayub Medical College also went out and stepped foot into the arena of competetors. The team comprised of 9 people, was led by Abbas Iqbal (4thyr)and Izaz Iqbal(4thyr)and consistent support of Dr. Umar Farooq. They performed too well at the divisional level that they were being invited for Provincial rounds to Peshawar. They glimmered like stars at the provincial rounds as well. Out of the Team a remarkable Ayubaian lad named Khubab made it through the provincial rounds as well, clenched 1st position, a gold medal and a Cash prize of Rs.30,000. The lad also did well at the National Rounds the next day, stood second, owned a silver medal that day and went home with another cash prize of rs.40,000.