Reunion of ‘Class of 1980’ was held on Saturday 16th September 2017.
58 class fellows attended the reunion and had a chance to meet after 32 years. Faculty members who taught the Class of ’1980 were also invited. Those who attended the function included
Prof.A.J. Khan (Founder and Ex-Principal),
Prof. Mujahid Akbar (Ex-Principal),
Prof.M.A. Khaliq (Ex-Principal)
Prof. Tariq Mufti (Ex-Principal),
Prof. Shahid Sultan(Ex-Principal),
Prof. Farida Aziz, Prof. Rahat un Nisa, Prof. GulMuhammad, Prof.Rashid Ahmed,
Prof. Shaukat Orakzai, Prof. Modood ul Mannan, Prof.Muhammad Yousaf,
Prof. Huma Jadoon, Dr. Aurangzeb, Dr. Shaheen Faisal and Dr. Jalal.
Prof. MirajUllah, Prof. Imran Ullah, Prof. Dilawar, Dr. Mohib Ullah also attended the event on special invitation. After lunch, all the class fellows visited AMCOld Camps in college bus and cherished old memories together.

Gala dinner and social/musical evening was held in a local hotel that was thoroughly enjoyed by all those present. Earlier on Friday 15thSeptember, Prof. Aziz un Nisa & Prof. Salim Wazir hosted a dinner at their residence in the honor of their classmates.