“There is no health without mental health”, the concept that has been ignored for decades and is still welcomed with stigma. However, the increasing prevalence of mental health issues in society and particularly in youth had brought this “taboo concept” into limelight and has made many think that something needs to be done. By keeping this in view, Ayub Medical College has taken an initiative of starting counseling services for medical students and their teachers who face high level of stress due to studies and job pressure. ” The Student Counseling Cell” has been established with the tireless efforts of Head of Psychiatry Department, Dr Aftab Alam Khan along with the collaboration of Dean Ayub Medical College.

Inauguration ceremony of the Students Counselling Center of this institution was held on 7th March 2019 in Conference Room. Dean Ayub Medical College inaugurated the center and highlighted the importance of counselling center for students. Dr. Aftab Alam, Chairperson Psychiatry Department emphasized the significance and need of this center. He further spotted the efforts of Dean and other teaching staff from Psychiatry and other departments who made this possible. Chairpersons of departments and heads of different units attended the ceremony and appreciated the achievement.

This center will work to address the Psycho-Social issues of students and teachers of Ayub Medical College with an aim of promoting well-being in students and teachers, and to remove stigma related to reach out for mental health issues.