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AYUB MEDICAL COLLEGE is launching Student Journal of Ayub Medical College (SJAMC) which is an endeavor to provide medical students with a platform to express themselves, publish their research, create awareness regarding different medical issues and, in general, create a forum of, for and by medical students to interact and grow.

SJAMC is started by the medical students of Ayub Medical Colllege under the guidance of the college faculty, to give future physician-scientists the opportunity to develop the critical thinking skills needed to succeed in academic and clinical practice. Our Journal is authored, reviewed, and edited by medical students working under the guidance of faculty mentors. We believe that enhancing exposure to academic research through the development of analytic appraisal skills in the peer review process will enrich the conventional medical curriculum. The goal of SJAMC is to publish research work from aspiring students who want to improve their writing and critical thinking skills, and to gain experience in the field of academic medicine and publishing. Furthermore, we are dedicated to promoting interest in future career research through recognizing the scientific accomplishments of medical students across the country.

SJAMC is seeking out high quality manuscripts for its inaugural edition and medical students are invited to submit their research. The SJAMC publishes original research, case studies, editorials, research letters and reviews that meet required standards and are authored by a medical student. The first author must be a medical student enrolled in an accredited medical college

We are accepting manuscripts for publication.

The deadline for of submission of manuscripts for Volume-1, Issue-1 (Jan-Jun) 2015, is 15th May 2015.

The students can submit their work on