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JAMC 23(1): Jan-Mar 2011



Gluten-free diet: definition and applications

Mohsin Rashid, Aamir Ghafoor Khan


Demographic pattern of male breast cancer: an institutional based study

Shahida Tasneem, Mah Muneer Khan, Mohammad Younas Khawaja


Prevalence of long QT syndrome and other cardiac defects in deaf-mute children

Ahsan Niaz, Syed Faiz-ul-hassan Rizvi, Daniyeh Khurram


Risk profile for breast carcinoma and tumour histopathology of medical uninsured patients in Pakistan

Uzma Raza, Aziza Khanam, Meh-Jabeen, Mohammad Furqan, Saleem-ul-Haque


Rate and risk factors for surgical site infection at a tertiary care facility in Peshawar, Pakistan

Mansoor Khan, Jawad Khalil, Rooh-ul-Muqim, Mohammad Zarin, Touseef Ul Hassan, Nisar Ahmed, Muhammad Salman, Ghulam Muhammad


Review of prescriber approach towards rational drug practice in hospitalised patients

Adnan Amin, Muhammad Ayaz Khan, Sheikh Muhammad Farooq Azam, Uzma Haroon


Alkaline phosphatase as a screening test for osteomalacia

Muhammad Amin Chinoy, Muhammad Imran Javed, Alamzeb Khan, Nooruddin Sadruddin


Pattern, management and outcome of urological complications in first post-transplant year in 50 cases of renal transplant

Mohammad Ali Suhail, M. Saleh Khaskeli, Ameer Hamza


Helicobacter pylori infection in patients with calcular cholecystitis: a hospital based study

Arshad Hussain Abro, Irfan Zafar Haider, Sarfraz Ahmad


Fine needle aspiration cytology: sensitivity and specificity in thyroid lesions

Mohammed Ayub Musani, Faheem A. Khan, Shoukat Malik, Yousuf Khambaty


Assessment of metered dose inhaler technique in patients with chronic lung disease at government hospitals of Rawalpindi

Haider Zaigum Baqai, Muhammad Amer Saleem, Muhammad Abair-ul-Haq


Presentations of tuberculosis in Northern Pakistan

Sumbal Tariq, Abdul Rauf, Saqib Malik, Abdul Rashid


Assessment of patient satisfaction with mental health services in a tertiary care setting

Naveed Gani, Khalid Saeed, Fareed Aslam Minhas, Nigar Anjuman, Maria Waleed, Ghulam Fatima


Health impact caused by poor water and sanitation in District Abbottabad

Sadia Jabeen, Qaisar Mahmood, Sumbal Tariq, Bahadar Nawab, Noor Elahi


Diagnostic validity of leukocyte esterase dipstick test for diagnosis of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis in cirrhotic patients

Nanik Ram Khatwani, Mumtaz Ali Chhutto, Hakim Ali Abro, Habib-ur-Rahman, Majid Ahmed Shaikh


Periodontal status of first molars during orthodontic treatment

Imtiaz Ahmed, Saif ul Haque, Rozina Nazir


Diabetic foot infections and their management in a tertiary care hospital

Azizul Hasan Aamir, Ahmed Nasir, Mohammad Zahid Jadoon, Khalid Mehmood, Sobia Sabir Ali


Anterior arch crowding —a possible predictor for mandibular third molar impaction

M Junaid Lakhani, Wahab Kadri, Hassan Mehdi, Houshang Sukhia, Asma Bano, Sania Yaqoob


Antipsychotic treatment and weight gain: Does Risperidone behave differently in Pakistani psychiatric patients?

Saleem Perwaiz Iqbal, Rashid AM Khan, Syed Ahmer


Influence of gender, BMI, and ethnicity on serum ALT levels of healthy students of a medical school

Mohammad Bilal, Areej Tariq, Somal Khan, Quratulain, Ayesha Tariq, Muhammad Farooq Shahid, Muhammad Waqas Khan, Aun Raza Shah, Abdul Khaliq Naveed


Importance of polymerase chain reaction in diagnosis of pulmonary and extra-pulmonary tuberculosis

Sajjad Iqbal, Rashid Ahmed, Saleem-uz-Zaman Adhami, Asim Mumtaz


Effect of maternal anaemia on birth weight

Muhammad Owais Ahmad, Umay Kalsoom, Ume Sughra, Usman Hadi, Muhammad Imran


Frequency and severity of neutropenia in diffuse large B-cell non Hodgkin’s lymphoma after first cycle of chemotherapy comprising cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine with prednisolon

Mohammad Nadeem, Muhammad Idrees, Javeed Khattak, Iftikhar Hussain, Zulfiqar Amin, Salman Arif, Mansoor Zeeshan, Mussavir Hussain


Assessment of male reproductive health by conventional method of semen analysis

Mohammad Shoaib Khan, Fariyal Deepa, Zahoor Ahmed, Fahim Tahir, Mudassir Ahmad Khan


Evaluation of Pro-C global for identification of defects in Protein C/S anticoagulant pathway

Tamoor Bin Hanif, Jaleel Anwar, Muhammad Idrees


Maternal mortality in a tertiary care hospital

Anisa Fawad, Humaira Naz, Ansa Islam, Seemi Zaffar, Aziz-un-Nisa Abbasi


Serum bilirubin and antioxidant levels in first degree relatives of patients with ischemic heart disease and normal subjects

Nadia Mahmood, Tahira Naseem, Farhana Mukhtar, Rubina Basheer


Incidence of Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus in Peshawar

Shafiq Rahman, Shahina Mumtaz, Ahmad Jawad Mufti, Syed Hassan Shah, Malala Rahman


Epidemiology of acquired aplastic anaemia in Pakistan

Ayesha Ehsan, Shahida Amjad Riaz Shah, Tayyaba Ibrahim


Pattern of dyslipidemia in adult diabetic subjects in the community hospital of district Swat

Sahibzada Saeed Jan, Taj Muhammad Khan, Rashid Ahmad, Safeer Zaman, Aziz Ahmad


Coverage and causes of missed Haemophilus influenzae type b vaccination in urban and rural areas of Peshawar

Mohammad Naeem, Muhammad Adil, Syed Hussain Abbas, Muhammad Zia Ul Islam Khan, Syeda Maria Naz, Ayasha Khan, Muhammad Usman Khan


A comparison between open and closed hemorrhoidectomy

Khalil-ur-Rehman, Azmat Hasan, Muhammad Taimur, Muhammad Imran


Frequencies of congenital anomalies among newborns admitted in nursery of Ayub Teaching Hospital Abbottabad, Pakistan

Saima Gillani, Nasir Hussain Shah Kazmi, Shahzad Najeeb, Saad Hussain, Ali Raza


Epidemiology and outcome in patients of diabetic foot

M. Naeem Ashraf, Khalil-Ur-Rehman, Kamran Ishaque Malik, Ghulam Sabir Iqbal


Comparison of Serum Creatine Kinase estimation with Short Tandem Repeats based linkage analysis in carriers and affected children of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Rizwan Hashim, Sajida Shaheen, Suhaib Ahmad, Abdus Sattar, Farooq Ahmad Khan


Diagnostic accuracy of endometrial curettage in endometrial pathology

Aiza Saadia, Azher Mubarik, Alia Zubair, Shahid Jamal, Ambreen Zafar


Availability and affordability of essential medicines: exploring the health seeking behaviours and health service utilisation for children under-5 years living in squatter settlement of Karachi, Pakistan

Yasir Shafiq, Babar Tasneem Shaikh, Ramesh Kumar


Antimicrobial susceptibility pattern of Staphylococcus aureus on clinical isolates and efficacy of laboratory tests to diagnose MRSA: a multi-centre study

Syed Zahid Bukhari, Safia Ahmed, Naheed Zia


Platelet count in malaria patients

Mumtaz Ali Shaikh, Shakeel Ahmed, Inayat Ullah Diju, Dur-E-Yakta


Nurses’ knowledge of evidence-based guidelines for prevention of ventilator-associated pneumonia in critical care areas: a pre and post test design

Salima Moez Meherali, Yasmin Parpio, Tazeen S. Ali, Fawad Javed


School Health Promotion –international perspectives and role of health care professionals

Munira Prasla, Shameer Ali Prasla


Evaluation techniques in Punjab, Pakistan: eight years of reforms in health professional education

Junaid Sarfraz Khan, John SG Biggs, Malik Hussain Mubbashar




Infectious diseases of Afghan immigrants in the United States: review of published reports

Florian H Pilsczek




Huge sub-mandibular gland tumour

Waqar SH, Zafar Iqbal Malik, Zahid MA


Undetected common variable immune deficiency in a young adult of Pakistani descent

M Owais Khan, Adil Iqbal Memon, Ali Bin Sarwar Zubairi, Asif Ali Imam




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Endometriod Adenocarcinoma of Endometrium

A 35 years old para 5 female presented with amenorrhoea and purulent discharge for the last 3 months. Per speculum examination she was having 2´2 Cm mass in the cervix. Ultrasound revealed enlarged uterus with complex 5.1´3.8 Cm mass in lower uterine segment with extension to cervix. Doppler showed blood flow in the mass. Papsmear was negative for intra-epithelial lesion or malignancy, and showed inflammatory smear. Cervical biopsy and endometrial curetting showed grade 3 Endometriod Adeno-carcinoma of Endometrium with tumour cells infiltrating the stroma of cervix. Total abdominal hysterectomy along with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy and upper vaginectomy was done and the patient was sent for radiotherapy.

Dr. Arzoo Amin,

Assistant Professor,

Obstetrics and Gynaecology,

Peshawar Medical College,

Peshawar, Pakistan.

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