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JAMC 26(3): July-September 2014




Ebola–A danger: Clear and present
Shahid Sultan, Huma Jadoon, Muhammad Zeeshan Haroon




Esthetic impact of tooth extraction in Pakistani patients
Sohaib Hassan, Attiya Shaikh, Mubassar Fida


Demographic characteristics, presentations and treatment outcome of patients with prolactinoma
Sarwar Malik, Syed Zubair Hussain, Rabia Basit, Najia Idress, Aysha Habib, Muhammad Zaman, Najmul Islam


Attenuation of haemodynamic response to laryngoscopy and oral endotracheal intubation in coronary artery bypass surgery patients: intravenous morphine and lidocaine versus intravenous morphine and lidocaine spray
Mujahid ul Islam, Imtiaz Ahmad, Azmat Ali Shah, Ansa Islam


Dose measurement of Cobalt-60 radiotherapy beams in treatment fields
Sajjad Ahmed Memon, Asrar Ahmad Cheema, Naeem Ahmed Laghari


Early outcome of coronary artery bypass grafting in patients with unstable angina
Iftikhar Paras, Allah Bakhsh, Ghulam Hussain, Khalid Munir, Yasir Khan, Muhammad Moeen


Bedside teaching-making it an effective instructional tool
Ishtiaq Ali Khan


Frequency and correlation of molecular subtypes of breast cancer with clinicopathological features
Mohammad Akbar, Kehkashan Akbar, Danish Naveed


Ossification and hypertrophy of ligamentum flavum at thoracic spine
Mubarak Hussain, Riaz Ahmed Raja, Asadullah Makhdoom


Comparison of deferiprone and deferrioxamine for the treatment of transfusional iron overload in children with beta thalassemia major
Nadia Waheed, Shafqut Ali, Muhammad Asghar Butt


Natural history of rheumatic heart disease, a 12 years observational study “penicillin bites the muscle but heals the heart”
Syed Faiz-ul-Hassan Rizvi, Asad ullah Kundi, Atif Naveed, Abdullah Faiz, Abdus Samad


Role of honey in wound dressing in diabetic foot ulcer
Abdul Rashid Surahio, Ashar Ahmad Khan, Main Usman Farooq, Iffat Fatima


Frequency of helicobacter pylori in distal oesophageal mucosa of patients with dyspepsia
Tahir Bashir, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, SajidNisar, Fawad Ahmad Randhawa, Abida Pervaiz


Response of different HCV genotypes to interferon therapy in different age groups of chronic hepatitis-C patients
Sajjad Iqbal, Khalil-Ur-Rahman, Munir Ahmad Sheikh, Muhammad Arshad


Role of ultrasonography in early diagnosis of infantile hypertrophic pyloric stenosis
Ashar Ahmad Khan, Muhammad Aslam Yousaf, Muhammad Ashraf


Spectrum of liposarcomas–A study of 106 cases
Naveed Khan, Hafeez Ud Din, Shoaib Naiyar Hashmi, Iqbal Muhammad, Muhammad Atique, Tahir Khadim, Farhan Akhtar


Frequency of depression and anxiety in patients attending a diabetes clinic
Nadia Azad, Murtaza Gondal, Nadeem Abbas, Afshan Shahid


Duane’s syndrome: surgical outcome and non ophthalmologic associations
Sarah Sarfraz, Saemah Nuzhat Zafar, Ayesha Khan


Frequency of cerebellopontine angle tumours in patients with trigeminal neuralgia
Ehtisham Ahmed Khan Afridi, Shahbaz Ali Khan, Waqar-ur-Rehman Qureshi, Sajid Nazir Bhatti, Gul Muhammad, Shakir Mahmood, Abdur Rehman


Role of ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology in diagnosis of space occupying lesions of liver
Abdul Sattar, Abdul Majeed Khan, Sadia Anjum, Abbas Naqvi


  Effectiveness of conservative treatment in the management of secretory otitis media
  Sohail Ahmad Malik, Raza Muhammad, Muhammad Yousaf, Imran Shah
  Frequency of gallstones in patients with liver cirrhosis
   Azhar Hussain, Muhammad Arif Nadeem, Sajid Nisar, Hafiza Ammarah Tauseef
  Comparison of perinatal outcome of growth restricted foetuses with normal and abnormal umbilical artery  doppler waveforms
  Azmat Ali, Iffat Ara, Ruqqiya Sultana, Faiza Akram, Muhammad Jehan Zaib
  Frequency of dysmenorrhoea, its impact and management strategies adopted by medical students
   Saadia Yasir, Bushra Kant, Muhammad Farooq Dar
  Patients’ satisfaction with the dental care provided by dental students
   Syed Rashid Habib, Sundar Ramalingam, Abdullah Al Beladi, Abdullah Al Habib
  Preventive strategies to fight complications during percutaneous multitrack balloon valvotomy “refining the technique”
   Tariq Asharf , Muhammad Anis Memon, Syed Ishtiaque Rasool, Najma Patel, Ziauddin Panhwar, Fawad Farooq, Tahir Saghir, Nadeem Qamar, Khan Shah-e-Zaman
  Salivary gland tumours: A review of 91 cases
   Samina Zaman, Sarosh Majid, Omer Chugtai, Mahvish Hussain, Mehreen Nasir
  Knowledge of modifiable risk factors of cardiovascular diseases among patients with acute myocardial infarction
   Muhammad Zuhaid, Umer Farooq, Sumera Kazmi, Ismail Alam Khan, Tania Aziz, Sana Aziz, Mahmood Rahim
  Frequency of newly diagnosed diabetes mellitus in patients with acute myocardial infarction
   Umar Hayat, Mattiullah Khan, Nasir Hussain Shah Kazmi, Nasir Ali, Rabnawaz, Waqar A Mufti, Faisal Iftikhar Khan, Airaz Khan
  Effects of bolus dose and continuous infusion of tranexamic acid on blood loss after coronary artery bypass grafting
   Imtiaz Ahmad, Mujahid-ul-Islam, Ansa Islam, Azmat Ali Shah
  Factors affecting outcome of patients with multiple myeloma
   Abdul Basit, Neelam Siddiqui, Abdul Hameed, Narjis Muzaffar, Sohail Athar
  Anatomical relationship between recurrent laryngeal nerve and inferior thyroid artery in thyroidectomy patients
  Bakht Zada, Khurshid Anwar, Sohail Ahmad Malik, Niamatullah, Nadar Khan, Farhan Salam
  Common risk factors for the development of anti-tuberculosis treatment induced hepatotoxicity
  Munir Ahmad Abbasi, Naseer Ahmed, Amir Suleman, Haidar Zaman, Sumbal Tariq, Syed Abbas Anwar, Nisar Khan
  Outcomes among patients with sex cord stromal tumour of ovary: Experience from Pakistan
  Sohail Sarwar, Neelam Siddiqui, Sohail Ather, Abdul Hannan, Amir Ali Syed, Waleed Zafar
  Use of reverse lateral arm flap for coverage of elbow in burn patients
  Faisal Ashfaq


  Confusion and denial: need for systems thinking to understand the HIV epidemic in Pakistan

  Muhammad Ahmed Abdullah, Babar Tasneem Shaikh
  Linezolid induced black hairy tongue: A rare side effect
   Ishma Aijazi, Fadhil M Abdulla
  Neuroblastoma in horseshoe kidney
  Gul Nawaz, Shujah Muhammad, Muhammad Imran Jamil, Durre Shohab, Iftikhar Ali Khan, Muhammad Athar Khawaja, Shahnawar Gulzar, Mian Khalid Akber, Ayaz Khan, Ijaz Hussain , Saeed Akhter
  Neuromuscular paralysis by a single injection of lincomycin
  Syed Sajid Hussain Shah, Munaza Saleem, Tahir Mehood
  Eosinophilic colitis mimicking caecal malignancy
  Amer Farooqi
  Hyalinizing trabecular neoplasm of thyroid
  Saima Riaz, Humayun Bashir, Sidra Jahangir, Muhammad Khalid Nawaz
  Complicated Plasmodium falciparum malaria initially presenting as myocarditis
  Abdul Latif Khattak, Waqar Ali, Naseer Ahmad Samore, Muhammad Idris, Muhammad Nadir Khan, Waseem Pasha
  Sister Mary Joseph nodule, a forgotten nodule
  Muhammad Akram, Muhammad Asif Baig, Saadat Ali

  Needlescopic surgery-A step forward in minimal invasive surgery
  Huma Sabir Khan, Mahmood Ayyaz


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Current Issue

Colloid Cyst of Third Ventricle

A 21 years old gentleman presented with six months history of mild headache with occasional exacerbations. He also had a couple of episodes of drop attacks. His MRI showed a well circumscribed lesion at the anterior part of third ventricle, at level of Foramen of Monro, which was hyper-intense on T1-weighted (see image) and T2-weighted images with ventriculomegaly. The lesion did not show any contrast enhancement. These features suggested a ‘Colloid Cyst’ of third ventricle. Transcortical-transventricular approach was used to remove the lesion, and the diagnosis was confirmed by histopathology. Patient had an uneventful surgery and recovery, with improvement of symptoms after the surgery.
    Colloid cyst of the third ventricle is a congenital, benign, epithelial lined cystic lesion which accounts for 0.5-3% of primary brain tumors and 15-20% of intra-ventricular masses. They are typically located at the foramen of Monro with characteristic radiological features. Colloid Cyst is one of the conditions known to cause sudden death. It generates great interest for the neurosurgeons not only because of its benign nature and deep location but because of excellent prognosis when it is diagnosed early and excised. The treatment is surgical, either via open microsurgery (transcallosal and transcortical-transventricular) or by endoscopic or endoscope-assisted surgery.

Dr. Shahbaz Ali Khan,
MRCSEd, FCPS (Neurosurgery),
Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad.







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