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The JAMC agrees to accept manuscripts prepared in accordance with the "Uniform Requirements for Manuscripts Submitted to the Biomedical Journals", modified in 2003and available at website

Manuscripts are accepted for consideration if neither the article nor any of its contents has been or will be published or submitted elsewhere before appearing in JAMC. Please submit an original manuscript with one set of original figures, two copies of the complete manuscript and a copy (MS Word format) on 1.44 floppy diskette. Manuscripts must be no longer than 3000 words. Use A4 size paper, and double-space throughout. Address all submissions to the Editor, JAMC, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad. The corresponding author must be identified. An undertaking signed by all the authors, (certifying originality of work and that the article has not been or will not be published elsewhere), must accompany the manuscript. No more than 12 names will be listed under the title; other names will appear in a footnote.

TITLE AND AUTHORS’ NAME: The first page of the manuscript must give the title of article that should be concise and descriptive. Also include on this page the name(s) of the author(s), degrees, the name of the department and institution in which the work was done; the institutional affiliation of each author; and the name and address of the author to whom reprint requests should be addressed. Any grant/support that requires acknowledgment should be mentioned on this page.

ABSTRACTS: The second page of the manuscript must contain an abstract of not more than 250 words. This abstract should consist of four paragraphs, labelled Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. They should briefly describe, respectively, the problem being addressed in the study, how the study was performed, the salient results, and what the authors conclude from the results.

KEY WORDS: 3 to 10 key words or short phrases should be added to the bottom of the abstract page. Please use terms from the Medical Subject headings of Index Medicus.

Introduction, Materials & Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusions, Acknowledgements and References should all start on a separate page from page 3 onwards.

REFERENCES: The total number of references in an original article must not exceed 40, while in the review articles maximum limit is 100. References must be written double-spaced and numbered as they are cited.

The style of references is that of Index Medicus. List all authors when there are six or fewer. If there are seven or more list the first 6 followed by “et al.” The following are sample references:

Journal Article: Khaliq MA, Khan JA and Shaheen P. Bacteriological study of drinking water in Abbottabad. Pak J Med Res 1986; 25: 96-9.

Books: Lewis MHR. Muscular Dystrophy. Churchill Livingstone. London. 1973

Chapter in Book: Woessner JF. Lysosomal Function. In: Dingle JT and Fell HG (Eds). Lysoosomes, in biology and pathology. North Holland Publishing Co. London. 1969:299-329.

TABLES AND ILLUSTRATIONS: Each of the tables and illustrations should be on a separate page, must have a title and be on double space. Figures should be professionally designed. Symbols, lettering, and numbering should be clear and large enough to remain legible after the figure has been reduced to fit the width of a single column. The back, of each figure should include the sequence number, the name of the author, and the proper orientation (e.g., 'top'). If photographs of patients are used, either the subjects should not be identifiable or their pictures must be accompanied by written per mission to use the figure. Duplication of results given in tables into figures must be avoided.

UNITS OF MEASUREMENT: Authors should express all measurements in conventional units, with System International (SI) units given in parentheses throughout the text.

ABBREVIATIONS Except for units of measurement, abbreviations are discouraged. The first time an abbreviation appears it should be preceded by the words for which it stands, However Title and abstract must not contain any abbreviation.

DRUG NAMES: Only generic names should be used.

PERMISSIONS: Materials taken from other sources must be accompanied by a written statement from both author and publisher giving permission to the Journal for reproduction.

REVIEW AND ACTION: An acknowledgment is issued after receiving the manuscript. The manuscripts are examined by the editorial staff and are then sent for review. The comments of reviewer are then conveyed to the corresponding author. Acceptance letter for accepted articles are issued, and the authors are requested to send a bank draft of Rs. 3,000 payable to 'JAMC', as processing fee.

CASE REPORT: Short report of cases, clinical experience, drug trials or adverse effects may be submitted. They must not exceed 500 words, 5 bibliographic references and one table or illustration. The report must contain genuinely new information.