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JAMC 12(3): Jul-Sep 2000



Think Health                                                                                                                                                                                   1

Syed Humayun Shah

Original Articles

Snakebite: Treatment seeking behaviour among Sindh rural population                                                                                    3

Atta Muhammad Chandio, Perwaiz Sandila, Ali Akbar Rahu, S. Tousif Ahmad, Amir Hamzo Dahri and Rashida Bhatti

Management of otogenic brain abscess                                                                                                                                        6

Gulshan Hussain, Mohibullah Khan, Saeedullah and Hidayatullah

Changes in blood glucose and lipid profile during Ramadan fasting                                                                                         13

Jamil ur Rehman and Muhammad Shafiq

Immediate heart rate response to standing: A simple test for diagnosis of autonomic neuropathy in diabetes                     16

Muhammad Perwaiz Sandila, Atta Muhammad Chandio, Syed Tousif Ahmed, Ali Akbar Rahu and Amir Hamzo Dahri

Lipid profile in smoking                                                                                                                                                               19

M. Zamir Ahmad Akbari, Muhammad Sarwar Bhatti and Muhammad Shakoor

Prevalence and presentation of endometriosis in patients admitted in Nishtar Hospital, Multan                                           22

Naseer ud Din, Ataullah Khan and Nudrat Illahi

Demonstration of depressant effect of Propranolol and Acebutolol on the contractile response of

rat isolated diaphragm with electrical stimulation                                                                                                                      26

Shah Nawaz, Jalal ud Din, Qazi Rashid Ahmed, Tahir Saleem Khan and Muhammad Jan

Abdominal suspension operation for uterovaginal prolapse using autologousfacial sling of rectus sheath                            29

Rahat un Nisa and Zahida Parveen

Evaluation of different transport and enrichment media for the isolation of Helicobacter Pylori                                           31

Farhat Rizvi and Abdul Hannan

Vaginal delivery after Cesarean section                                                                                                                                    34

Rubina Bashir and Khurshid Khattak

Effects of Acute Hypoxia on Haemodynamics in dogs                                                                                                               36

Farmanullah and Shaukat Ali

Effect of sleep on serum testosterone levels in young male patients with depression                                                             38

Ahmed Badar, Akbar Ali Khoja, Norin Sultan and Aziz ur Rehman Yousafzai

Review Article

Du Phenotype-A review                                                                                                                                                                41

Muhammad Tayyab, Arif Rashid Malik and Abdus Salam Khan

Selected Abstracts                                                                                                                                                          45


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