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JAMC 14(4): Oct-Dec 2002



Mental health care reform in Afghanistan

Peter Ventevogel, Sayed Azimi, Sayed Jalal, Frank Kortmann

HIV/AIDS: Stigma and discrimination–Live and Let Live

Abdul Karim Saeed and Noaman Siddiqui

Original Articles

Comparison of Troponin T and enzyme levels in acute myocardial infarction and skeletal muscle injury

Rehan Majeed, Anila Jaleel, Imran A Siddiqui, Pervaiz Sandila and Abdul Baseer

Eclipse Retinopathy: follow up of 36 cases after April 1995 solar eclipse in Pakistan

Abdul Aziz Awan, Tajamul Khan, Sardar Muhammad, Abdus Salam Arif

Tuberculosis control: current status, challenges and barriers ahead in 22 high endemic countries

Khan M Ibrahim, Samreen Khan, Ulrich Laaser

Iatrogenic bile duct injuries: experience at PIMS

Rasool Baksh, Zahid MA, Faisal Saud Dar, Zafar Iqbal Malik, Noor Akhtar, Samia Akhtar

Spectrum of malaria in Hajj pilgrims in the year 2000

Abdus Salam Khan, Fayaz Qureshi, Arif Hussain Shah and Salman Akbar Malik

Usefulness of laser photocoagulopathy in Eales eye

Mazher Ishaq and Muhammad Khizar Niazi

Febrile convulsions in children: relationship of family history to type of convulsions and age at presentation

Tahir Saeed Siddiqui

Frequency of ocular complications of leprosy in institutionalized patients in NWFP Pakistan

Tajamul Khan, Abdul Aziz Awan, Hasan Sajid Kazmi, Ashfaq Ali Shah, Sardar Muhammad, and Shad Muhammad

Epidemiology of suicide in Faisalabad

Ahmad Saeed, M. Zahid Bashir, Delawar Khan, Javed Iqbal, Khurram Sohail Raja and Inayatur Rehman

Top ten stressors in the hysterical subjects of Peshawar

Naveed Irfan, Ahmed Badar

Case Report

Histoplasmosis – case report

Rizwan Aziz, Nisar Khan, Iftikhar Qayum and Abdur Rab Khan

Review Article

Parotid sparing irradiation for the head and neck cancers

Nasir Ali, Shahid Hameed, Mazhar Ali Shah

Eosinophils and eosinophil products in asthma

Waseem Saeed, Ahmed Badar, M. Mazhar Hussain and Muhammad Aslam

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