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JAMC 18(3): Jul-Sep, 2006



Malignant tuberculosis
Waseem Saeed

Original Articles

Adult intussusception – a surgical dilemma

M A Rathore, S I H Andrabi, M Mansha

Comparative cellular immune host response in acute vs healed lesions of  cutaneous Leishmaniasis

Simeen Ber Rahman, Arfan ul Bari

A study on functional similarity between dengue non structural protein 1and platelet integrin/adhesin protein, CD61

Viroj Wiwanitkit

Influence of steroid hormones in women with mild catamenial epilepsy

Zahir Hussain, Masood A. Qureshi, K. Zaki Hasan, Hasan Aziz

Comparison of frequency of wound infection: open vs laparoscopic cholecystectomy
Kiran Siddiqui, Abul Fazal Ali Khan
Chilblains at Abbottabad, a moderately cold weather station
Naeem Raza, Mansoor ud Din Sajid, Amer Ejaz

Histological changes in parts of foregut of rat after indomethacin administration          

Maqbool Ilahi, Jehanzeb Khan, Qaiser Inayat, Tuqqaya Sultana Abidi

Use of foley’s catheter and prostaglandin f-2 alpha in second trimester termination of pregnancy           

Ansa Islam, Aziz un Nisa Abbasi, Iram Sarwar

Prevalence of diabetic retinopathy among individuals screened positive for diabetesin five community-based eye camps in Northern Karachi, pakistan                 

Jamal-u-Din, Mohammad Babar Qureshi, Akhtar Jamal Khan , Mohammad Daud Khan, Khabir Ahmad

Malaria in children: study of 160 cases at a private clinic in Mansehra

Jalal-ud-din, Shamsher Ali Khan, Sirajuddin Hassan Ally

Stigma and psychiatric illness. A survey of attitude of medical students and doctors in Lahore, Pakistan     

Farooq Naeem, Muhammad Ayub, Zahid Javed, Muhammad Irfan, Fayyaz Hara, David Kingdon.

Effect of ciprofoxacin on growing cartilage in albino rat pups    

Haji Muhammad Aslam Channa, Muhammad Ashfaq, Shah Murad Mastoi, Muhammad Azam Qureshi

Attitude of the university students and teachers towards mentally ill, in Lahore, Pakistan      

Zahid Javed, Farooq Naeem, David Kingdon, Muhammad Irfan, Nasir Izhar, Muhammad Ayub

An experience of 42 cases of bronchoscopy at Saidu group of teaching hospitals, Swat    
Gulshan Hussain, Mahid Iqbal, Sharafat Ali Khan, Muhamad Iqbal, Javed Zaman
Effectiveness of routine urine analysis of patient attending rural health centers in Abbottabad     
Ruhila Hanif, Sirajuddin Hassan Ally, Jalal-ud-din, Khalid Khan
Case Reports
Migrating foreign body in the thyroid gland, an unusual case                                                                              
Tatheer Zohra, Mubasher Ikram, Moghira Iqbal, Shabbir Akhtar, Seyed Akbar Abbas

Respiratory distress: a rare presentation of rickets          

Tahir Saeed Siddiqui

[3120+1kbdel8.6kb]+[p.N1303K] Genotype in an Emirati cystic fibrosis patient: indication of a founder mutation in Palestinian Arabs   

Danish Saleheen, Philippe M. Frossard, Emmanuelle Girodon

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