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JAMC 22(2): Apr-Jun 2010




Does mild hepatitis on liver biopsy warrant immediate combination anti viral therapy in chronic Hepatitis C patients?                                    1

Shahid Raza Khalid, Nasir Hassan Luk, Shakil Ahmed Mirza, Farrukh Saeed, Shoaib Nayyar Hashmi, Sajid Mushtaq, Amjad Tanvir, Waris Ali Rana

Anxiolytic effect of midazolam premedication assessed by clinical and platelet aggregation profiles                                                                     4

Ehtesham I. Khan, Rehana SS. Kamal, Hameed-ullah

Digoxin as a rescue drug in intra aortic balloon pump and inotrope dependent patients                                                                                            8

Shahab Naqvi, Iftikhar Ahmed, Rashad Siddiqi, Syed Aqeel Hussain

Role of 64-Slice multi detector computed tomography for non-invasive visualisation of coronary artery bypass grafts for follow up

in post CABG patients                                                                                                                                                                                                            13

Tahir Naveed, Muhammad Ayub, Mohsin Nazeer, Nadeem Hayat Mallick, Bilal S. Mohydin, Zulfiqar Ali

Experience of extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy for kidney and upper ureteric stones by electromagnetic lithotripter                           20

Bakhtawar Gul Wazir, Mian Iftikhar ul Haq, Faheem ul Haq, Akhtar Nawaz, Ahmed Nawaz Ikramullah, Mohammad Jamil

Assessment of pregnancy outcome in primigravida: comparison between booked and un-booked patients                                                         23

Nargis Danish, Aneesa Fawad, Nasreen Abbasi

Minimal change disease, the leading cause of glomerulopathies in paediatric population at Peshawar                                                               26

Ahmad Zeb Khan, Aziz Ahmad

Open cholecystectomy without intraperitoneal drainage                                                                                                                                              29

Syed Asad Ali, Syed Muhammad Tahir, Abdul Ghani Soomoro, Akmal Jamal Siddiqui, Abdul Sattar Memon

Frequency of anxiety and psychosocial stressful events in patients with acute myocardial infraction                                                                32

Mohammad Asghar Khan, Mehwish Karamat, Mohammad Hafizullah, Zahid Nazar, Muhammad Fahim, Adnan Mehmood Gul

Assessment of Hepatitis B vaccination status in doctors of Services Hospital, Lahore                                                                                         36

Rabia Arshed Usmani, Maaz Suhail Rana, Muhammad Saleem Wazir, Huda Sarwer, Huda Fazli, Muhammad Ali Pervaiz, Irum Tahir, Rabbiya Sajjad

Frequency of left atrial and appendage clot in patients with severe mitral stenosis                                                                                               40

Mahmood ul Hassan, Cheragh Hussain, Adnan Mahmood Gul, Hikmat ullah Jan, Mohammad Hafizullah

False positivity of serological tests for hepatitis c virus                                                                                                                                             43

Anwar Ali, Amreek Lal

Laparoscopic cholecystectomy: an experience at Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar                                                                                             46

Nadim Khan, Mohammad Naeem, Adil Bangash, Muzaffaruddin Sadiq, Haris Hamid

Plasma homocysteine in patients of migraine without aura                                                                                                                                        52

Faraz Ahmed Bokhari, Tania A. Shakoori, Syed Ahmad A. Hassan, Hamid J. Qureshi, Ghulam A. Qureshi

Frequency of sputum positive AFB cases among patients of pulmonary tuberculosis in tertiary care hospitals of northern Pakistan      56

Mohammad Ishaq Khattak, Ihsanullah, Amir Muhammad, Nisar Khan, Munawar Zaman

Reverse ulnar parametacarpal artery flap for soft tissue defects of hand                                                                                                                61

Saeed Ashraf Cheema

Small gut atresia in neonates                                                                                                                                                                                           64

Arshad Kamal, Kifayat Khan, Inayat ur Rahman, Ayub Khan

Detection of cerebral atrophy in Type-II diabetes mellitus by magnetic resonance imaging of brain                                                                67

Ghayyur Khan, Nasir Khan, Abdul Aziz

Comparison of ambulatory and inpatient cleft lip surgery for adults                                                                                                                       71

Muhammad Sohail, Farid Ahmad Khan, Zameer Abbas Mir

Clinical and radiological findings in arnold chiari malformation                                                                                                                            75

Abdul Aziz Khan, Sajid Nazir Bhatti, Ghayyur Khan, Ehtisham Ahmed, Ahsan Aurangzeb, Asghar Ali,  Amjad Khan, Saleem Afzal

Importance of physical examination in early detection of lump in breast in women of different age groups                                                         79

Hafsa Abbas, Saira Imran, Noorul-ain-Hafeez Waris, Andleeb Khanam, Rukshshan Khurshid

Frequency of otitis media in patients of nasal polypi                                                                                                                                                   83

Sadia Chaudhry, Zafar Ahmad, Faraz Basharat Khan, Mohammad Afzal

Role of Interleukin-1 in pathogenesis of radicular cyst                                                                                                                                             86

Waqar ur Rehman Qureshi, Muhammad Asif, Iftikhar Hossein Qari, Javed Akhtar Qazi

Frequency of causes of ascites in patients admitted at medical unit of a tertiary medical care facility                                                            88

Mumtaz Ali Shaikh, Jehangir Khan, Suhail Almani, Dur-e-Yakta, Dargahi Shaikh

Frequency and types of bodily Medico-legal injuries in a rural area                                                                                                                          93

Nighat Seema, Iftikhar Ahmad, Salim Mughal, Delawar Khan, Omair Khan

Management of ruptured amoebic liver abscess: 22-years experience                                                                                                                  96

Memon AS, Siddiqui FG, Memon HA, Ali SA

Morbidity and mortality associated with obstetric hysterectomy                                                                                                                               100

Najma Bano Shaikh, Shabnam Shaikh, Jan Muhammad Shaikh

Maternal morbidity and perinatal outcome with twin pregnancy                                                                                                                              105

Naushaba Rizwan, Razia Mustafa Abbasi, Razia Mughal

Comparative analysis of attitudes and perceptions about rape among male and female university students                                                      108

Anila Kamal, Irshad Ali Shaikh*, Masood Ali Shaikh

A new approach for estimation of body mass index using waist and hip circumference in Type-2 diabetes patients                                          111

Muhammad Ghias, Khadija Irfan Khawaja, Faisal Masud, Salman Atiq, Muhammad Khalid Pervaiz

Postmenopausal bleeding: causes and risk of genital tract malignancy                                                                                                                    117

Nasira Sabiha Dawood, Kiran Peter, Faiza Ibrar, Asif Dawood

Quality of life in patients with obturator prostheses                                                                                                                                                    121

Nabeela Riaz, Riaz Ahmad Warriach

Assessment of knowledge about evidence based medicine in medical students and doctors in a Pakistani health care setting                126

Abeer Irshad, Musarat Ramzan, Mobeen Iqbal

Prevalence of hypertension among obese and non-obese patients with coronary artery disease                                                                      130

Sher Bahadar Khan, Lubna Noor, Hafiz-ur-Rehman, Hameedullah, Mohammad Hafeezullah, Zahid Aslam Awan, Shahab ud Din, Syed Sadiq Shah

Clinical usefulness of Tc-99m hexakis 2-methoxyisobutyl isonitrile gated SPECT in patients with dilated cardiomyopathy: retrospective analysis                                                                                                                                                                                                                               134

Zahid Rahman Khan, Nat E. Watson, Afshan Zahid Khan

Ultrasound guided fine needle aspiration cytology versus core biopsy in the preoperative assessment of non-palpable breast lesions  138

Muhammad Ejaz Ahmed, Iftikhar Ahmad, Saleem Akhtar

Calcium status in premenopausal and postmenopausal women                                                                                                                             143

Hamid Javaid Qureshi, Ghulam Hussain, Zafar Altaf Jafary, M. Usman Bashir, Naghmana Latif, Zeeshan Riaz

Significance of chest pain without ST changes during exercise treadmill testing                                                                                           146

Ahmad Masood Akbar, Shahid Hameed, Muhammad Azhar, Saqib Shafi Sheikh, Abdul Sattar, Tahir Naveed

Pre-examination stress in second year medical students in a government college                                                                                           152

Areeba Husain Rizvi, Maha Awaiz, Zohra Ghanghro, Mehjabeen Ahmed Jafferi, Sina Aziz

Physical trauma –a leading cause of medico legal cases at DHQ Hospital Abbottabad                                                                                     156

Qudsia Hassan, M. Zahid Bashir, Mian Mujahid Shah

In vitro antibacterial activity of onion (Allium cepa) against clinical isolates of Vibrio cholerae                                                                160

Abdul Hannan, Tabish Humayun, Muhammad Barkaat Hussain, Muhammad Yasir, Sumayya Sikandar

Relationship of glycaemia and triglycerides with BMI in diabetic patients                                                                                                       164

Arshad Parvez, Ihsanullah, Ahmad Rafiq, Nisar Ahmad, Ejaz Hassan Khan

Frequency of hepatitis B and C in patients undergoing elective surgery                                                                                                          170

Muhammad Rafique Memon, Altaf Ahmed Shaikh, Aftab Ahmed Soomro, Saima Arshad, Qarib Abbas Shah

Surgical management of tuberculous small bowel obstruction                                                                                                                           171

Mohammad Akbar, Fakhar-ul-Islam, Irfan Zaffar Haider, Danish Naveed, Ismail Akbar, Irfanuddin Khattak, Kehkashan Akbar, Arshad Zafar

Correlation between plasma thyroid hormones and liver enzymes level in thyrotoxic cases and controls in Hazara Division              176

Tariq Mehmood Khan, Saqib Malik, Inayat Ullah Diju

Outcome of cervical disectomy and fusion with stabilization in single level cervical disc                                                                             180

Riaz A Raja, Muhammad Naeem-ur-Razaq, Saleem Ahmad Shaikh, Hameed Khan

Frequency of pericardial effusion in patients with first myocardial infarction and its effects on in-hospital morbidity and mortality 184

Hafiz-ur-Rehman, Sher Bahadar Khan, Abdul Hadi, Tariq Nawaz, Syed Tahir Shah, Hameedullah, Adnan Mahmood Gul, Mohammad Hafizullah

Myocardial infarction in young versus older adults: clinical characteristics and angiographic features                                                  187

S. Sadiq Shah, Lubna Noor, Syed Habib Shah, Shahsawar, Shahab Ud Din, Zahid Aslam Awan, Muhammad Hafizullah

Relationship of awards in multiple choice questions and structured answer questions in the undergraduate years

and their effectiveness in evaluation                                                                                                                                                                         191

Junaid Sarfraz Khan, Osama Mukhtar, Saima Tabasum, Naveed Shaheen, M. Farooq, M. Abdul Irfan, Ajmal Sattar, M. Nabeel, M. Imran,

Sadia Rafique, Maryam Iqbal, M. Sheraz

Outcome of ‘Basic Life Support Training’ in a busy district general hospital                                                                                                196

Ambreen Anwer, Wasim Ahmad Malik, Ammanat Khan


Medical image registration: basic science and clinical implications                                                                                                                199

Muhammad Babar Imran, Sultan Ayoub Meo, Mohammad Yousuf, Saleh Othman, Abubakar Shahid


Colouterine fistula with a foreign body                                                                                                                                                                    205

Aliya Islam, Sadia Arif

Band Heterotopia                                                                                                                                                                                                          208

Alam MS, Naila N

An AIDS patient with multiple opportunistic infections                                                                                                                                       210

Talha Mahmud

Visceral Leishmaniasis: adult population of Abbottabad at risk now                                                                                                                214

Muhammad Idris, Jamila Farid, Nasreen Gul, Anis-ur-Rehman

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Spectral Domain 3D Optical Coherence Tomography has revolutionized the diagnostic imaging of the retina. This 3D tomogram of the retina shows an epiretinal membrane causing traction on the neurosensory retina at 5 points. Compared to conventional 2D tomograms, the 3D tomography gives a comprehensive view of the exact morphology of the retinal pathology. This not only has improved the diagnostic ability but also assists in planning complex vitreoretinal surgery.

Shahzad Saeed, Consultant Eye Specialist, Combined Military Hospital, Kharian, Pakistan

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