For smooth running of the academic activities and to share administration of the College, the Dean has constituted the following Committees:


  • Dr. Asim Yousaf, Chairman
  • Maj. Rtd. Dr. Amjad Faheem, Member
  • Dr. Ejaz Ahmad Khan, Member
  • Maj. Rtd. Siddiqur Rehman, Member

Institutional Management Committee

  • Dr. Umar Farooq, Dean/CEO, Chairperson
  • Dr. Ahsan Arangzeb, Medical Director, Member
  • Dr. Nadeem Akhtar, Hospital Director, Member
  • Finance Director, Member
  • Nursing Director, Member

Medical Board AMC

  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmed, Chairperson
  • Dr. Attiq ur Rehman, Member
  • Dr. Zabiullah, Member
  • Co-opted Member from concerned specialty, Member

Finance Committee

  • Dr. Umar Farooq, Dean, MTI, Chairperson
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Associate Dean, Member
  • Director Finance, MTI, Member
  • Mr. Muhammad Shiraz, DDA, Member
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts Officer, Member
  • Mr. Khurram Sohail, HR Manager AMC, Member

Service Structure Committee

  • Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb,  Chairman
  • Dr. Attiqur Rehman Jehangiri, Member
  • Dr. Junaid Sarwar, Member
  • Mr. Khurram Sohail, Member

Institutional Beautification Committee

  • Dr. Shakeel Jadoon, Chairman
  • Dr. Faheem ul Haq, Member
  • Dr. Noman Siddiqui, Member
  • Dr. Mehwish Gul, Member

Warden Boys Hostel

  • Dr. Tariq Mehmood Khattak, Lecturer, Community Medicine 
  • Dr. Alamzeb Jadoon, Lecturer Physiology
  • Dr. Wajid Ali, Lecturer Pharmacology

Technical Evaluation Committee

  • Dr. Hassan Sajid Kazmi, Chairman
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Associate Dean UG
  • Dr. Zeeshan Haroon, Member
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts Officer
  • Mr. Wasir Khan, Procurement Officer

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

  • Dr. Haq Nawaz, Chairman
  • Dr. Omair Khan, Member
  • Dr. Adeel Alam, Member
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts Officer, Member
  • Mr. Amjad Ali, Electro Medical Supervisor, Member

Local Procurement Committee

  • Dr. Tauqeer Iqbal, Chairman
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts. Officer, Member
  • Mr. Usman, Civil Engineer, Member

Institutional Up-gradation / Promotion Committee

  • Dr. Attiqur Rehman, Chairman
  • Dr. Junaid Sarwar PMO, Member
  • Mr. Khurram Sohail, HR Manager, Member
  • Mr. Kamran Khan, AD HR ATH, Member
  • Mr. Safeer Ahmad, Admin Officer ATH, Member
  • Mr. Hafeez, Office Assistant AMC, Member

Litigation Officer

  • Mr. Sajid Hussain Sheikh


Grievance / Reservation of Teaching & Non-Teaching Staff of AMC

  • Dr. Salim Wazir, Chairman
  • Dr. Shakeel Ahmad, Medicine Department
  • Mr. Sajid Hussain Sheikh, Superintendent Establishment

Clinico Pathological Conference (CPC)

  • Dr. Arshad Zafar, Chairman
  • Dr. Alamzeb Khan, Member
  • Dr. Rubina Shaheen, Member
  • Dr. Aftab Alam, Member
  • Dr. Shakeel Jadoon, Member
  • Dr. Adil Naseer, Member
  • Dr. Saima Bukhari, Member
  • Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad, Member
  • Dr. Anila Riaz, Patho. Member

Inspection Committee AMC

  • Dr. Muhammad Ashfaq, Chairman
  • Dr. Kamran Rizvi, Member
  • Dr. Zeeshan Haroon, Member
  • Dr. Asfandyar Qureshi, Member
  • Mr. Muhammad Shiraz, DDA, Member

Alternate Dispute Resolution Committee (ADRC)

  • Dr. Sumbal Tariq, Chairperson
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Associate Dean (UG), Member
  • Dr. Shahbaz Ali Khan, Member
  • Dr. Amir Nazir, Member

Selection Committee (appointment of Lecturers BPS-18)

  • Dean, AMC, Chairperson
  • Medical Director, Member
  • Associate Dean (UG), Member
  • HR Manager, AMC, Member

Proctorial Board AMC

  • Dr. Sher Shah, Chairman
  • Dr. Shagufta Naeem, Member
  • Dr. Salma Shazia, Member
  • Dr. Zeeshan Haroon, Member
  • Dr. Inamur Rehman, Member
  • Dr. Asfandyar Qureshi, Member
  • Dr. Muhammad Faheem, Member
  • Dr. Alamzeb Jadoon, Member
  • Dr. Shahid Usman, Member
  • Dr. Omair Khan Jadoon
  • Mr. Manzoor Qadir, Member
  • Muhammad Tahir, Security Officer, Member
  • Dr. Abdur Rehman, Member
  • Dr. Noorya, ATH, Member

Space Audit Committee (Focal Person)

  • Dr. Adeel Alam, Pharmacology
  • Dr. Amir Nazir, Physiology
  • Dr. Umair Khan, Forensic Medicine
  • Dr. Ayesha Noreen, Biochemistry
  • Dr. Zeeshan Haroon, Community Medicine
  • Dr. Sumaira Javed, Anatomy
  • Dr. Abid Ali Khawaj, Pathology
  • All Incharge of Branches / Departments / Office of AMC.
  • Mr. Mohammad Usman, Civil Engineer

Space Audit Committee

  • Dr. Haq Nawaz, Pharmacology
  • Dr. Ayesha Naureen, Biochemistry
  • Dr. Amir Nazir, Physiology Department
  • Dr. Noman Siddiqui, Patho.
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts Officer
  • Mr. Bilal Khan, Director Physical Education
  • Mr. Khurram Sohail, HR Manager

Transport Officer

  • Dr. Omair Khan

Mirdad Welfare Fund Committee

  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Chairman
  • Dr. Attiqur Rehman, Member
  • Dr. Fayyaz Ahmad, Member
  • Mr. Ehsan Khan, Accounts Officer, Member
  • Mr. Sharafat Khan, SAS, Member 

Award of Scholarship to Students

  • Associate Dean Uuder Graduate, Chairman
  • Provost Hostels, Member
  • Accounts Officer, Member
  • Incharge Students Branch, Member

AMC Admission Committee (Mbbs/Bds)

  • Dr. Umer Farooq, Chairman
  • Dr. Naeema Afzal, Member
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad, Member
  • Miss. Kiran Naz, Superintendent SAS, Member

Proctorial Board of Dentistry

  • Dr. Wasim, Chairman
  • Dr. Majid Hussain Shah, Member
  • Dr. Asif Shah, Member
  • Dr. Raheel Hassan, Member
  • Dr. Rashid Hilal, Member
  • Dr. Mariam Tariq, Member

Purchase Committee

  • Dr. Arshad Zafar, Chairman
  • Dr. Hassan Sajid Kazmi, Member
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Member
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Member
  • Dr. Tahir Haroon, Member
  • Mr. Sajid H. Sheikh, Admin Officer, Member

Incharge Computer Lab.

  • Miss. Kanwal Rubab, Network Administrator

Chairperson Search Committee

  • Dr. Naeema Afzal, Chairperson
  • Dr. Mukhar Ahmed, Member
  • Dr. Naseer Ahmad, Member
  • Dr. Anis ur Rehman, Member
  • Dr. Ahsan Aurangzeb, Member
  • Mr. Khurram Sohail, Secretary to DCSC

Associate Deans as Additional Duty

  • Dr. Naseer Ahmed, Associate Dean (Postgraduate)
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Associate Dean (Undergraduate)

Promotion Committee

  • Dr. Khalid Khan, Chairman
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ali Shah, Member
  • Dr. Tahir Saeed Siddiqui, Member
  • Dr. Ali FawadNazar, Member
  • Dr. Sumbal Tariq, Member
  • Dr. Mohammad Fayyaz, Member
  • Dr. Rubina Shaheen, Member

Extracurricular Committee

  • Dr. Omair Khan, Chairman
  • Dr. Humair Imtiaz, Member
  • Dr. Amir Nazir, Member
  • Mr. Manzoor Qadir, Member
  • Dr. Sumaira Javed, Member

Departmental Promotion and Selection Committee (BPS-03 to BPS-17)

  • Dean, MTI, AMC, Chairman
  • Associate Dean (UG), Member
  • Administrative Officer, AMC, Member
  • HR Manager, AMC, Member

Masjid Committee

  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed, Chairman
  • Dr. Zeeshan Haroon, Member
  • Mr. Manzoor Qadir, Member
  • Mr. Nadeem Qureshi, Imam Masjid
  • Mr. Naeem Ullah, 4th Year MBBS Student
  • Mr. Samad Ullah, 4th Year MBBS Student


  • Dr. Iram Mushtaq Chairperson
  • Dr. Sumbal Tariq Member
  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad             Member
  • Kamran Rizvi, Associate Prof.             Member


  • Dr. Ruqia Sultana             Chairperson
  • Dr. Nuzhat Raza             Member
  • Fiaz Ahmad, A.PPathology             Member
  • Zeeshan Haroon, A.P                         Member
  • Noman H.Siddiqui             Member


  • Zeeshan Haroon, A.P Chairman
  • Fiaz Ahmad, A.P. Pathology Member
  • M. Junaid Khan, Lecturer Member
  • Kanwal Rubab, Member (Net Work Administrator)


  • Sher Shah, Asso. Prof. Dentistry             Chairman
  • Omair Jadoon, A.P Forensic Med. Member
  • Fayaz Ahmad, AP Pathology             Member
  • Usman, Civil Engineer             Co-opted member
  • Wasir Khan, Procurement Officer Co-opted member


  • Dean & CEO MTI Abbottabad             Chairman
  • Associate Dean (PG)             Member
  • Adil Naseer, Asst. Prof.             Member
  • Director Finance MTI             Member


  • Aftab Alam, Associate Prof.             Chairman
  • Munawar Ali Awan, Asst. Prof.             Member
  • Inam-ur-Rehman             Member
  • Asfandyar Qureshi             Member
  • Muhammad Orakzai             Member
  • Faisal Iftikhar, Lect.             Member
  • Sajjad Ahmed, Lecturer                         Member
  • Bilal Khan DPE             Member


  • Dr. Salim Wazir Chairman
  • Dr. Ruhila Hanif Member
  • Fatima Shereen, Asso.Prof.             Member
  • Inam-ur-Rehman Member
  • Sajjad Ahmed, Lecturer Member
  • Muhammad Shiraz DDA Member
  • Mirza Tariq Manzoor Member


  • Dr. Mukhtar Ahmad, Surgery Deptt. Chairman
  • Zulfiqar Ali, Associate Prof. Ophthalmology Deptt. Member
  • Sohail Ahmad Malik, ENT Deptt. Member
  • Saqib Malik, Associate Prof. Medicine Member
  • Irum Sarwar, Associate Prof. Obs/Gynae             Member
  • Saima Bibi, Assistant Prof. Paeds.             Member


  • Muhammad Ejaz, Superintendent
  • Baidar Hussain Shah, S.S.Steno/PS
  • Usman, Civil Engineer


  • Dr. Omair Khan Asst. Prof.                           Chairman
  • Dr. Adeel Alam, Asst. Prof.                            Member
  • Mr. Safraz Anwar , Transport Clerk Member
  • Mr. Babu Khan, Driver                         Member