Pediatrics & Neonatology department offers a 100 bedded in patient facility, a 06 bedded PICU, A 06 Cots NICU , A 80 cot Nursery , 24/7, 10 Bedded ER & Out-patient to the local community as well as to the nearby areas. It is the tertiary care hospital in the area and receive patients from a large catchment area,. Patients from Battgram, Kohistan, Bisham, Mansehra, Havelian & Haripur are referred here. We have a team of dedicated & Competent doctors and staff who work around the clock to provide services to the public.

In the heart of Abbottabad, we present our state-of-the-art 100-bed Pediatric and Neonatology Unit, a beacon of hope, healing, and excellence in pediatric and neonatal care. At Ayub Medical College & Teaching Hospital, we understand that the health and well-being of our youngest patients are of paramount importance, and this specialized unit stands as a testament provides us with an opportunity to practice our unwavering commitment to children’s healthcare.

Our unit is meticulously designed to provide a nurturing, compassionate, learning environment for infants, children, and their families. We bring together a multidisciplinary team of pediatricians, neonatologists, nurses, and support staff, all dedicated to the highest standards of patient care, education, and research.

Key Features of our 100-Bed Pediatric and Neonatology Unit:

Comprehensive Care:

We offer a comprehensive range of pediatric and neonatal services, from routine check-ups to complex surgeries, ensuring that every child’s unique healthcare needs are met with expertise and compassion.

Advanced Facilities:

Equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment, our unit provides access to the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools, ensuring precise and effective care.

Family-Centered Care:

We believe that family plays a vital role in a child’s recovery. Our unit is designed to accommodate families, fostering a warm and supportive environment for both the young patients and their loved ones.

Counseling :

We encourage family counseling to help parents cope with their child’s illness and as part of rehabilitation and encourage good communication with parents.

Education and Training:

We are committed to educating the next generation of healthcare professionals. Our unit serves as a hub for training, offering hands-on experience and mentorship in pediatric and neonatal medicine.

Cutting-Edge Research:

We actively engage in research to advance the field of pediatric and neonatal care. Our team works on groundbreaking studies, contributing to the global knowledge base in child health.

Community Outreach:

Beyond the hospital walls, we are dedicated to community outreach, organizing awareness programs, health camps, childhood Vaccination and support groups to promote child health and well-being in the wider community.

At Pediatric Department of Ayub Medical College & Teaching Hospital, we believe in the transformative power of pediatric and neonatology care. Our 100-bed unit is a testament to our commitment to delivering the highest standards of child & Newborn care and advancing medical knowledge.

We are proud to be your partners in ensuring a brighter, healthier future for all the children we serve.



100 bedded general pediatrics unit has a dedicated staff committed to provide patient care in a good learning environment. Patient care and empathy is put as top priority. Teaching rounds with undergraduates & post graduates aimed at prompt diagnosis and timely referrals to improve outcome is prioritized at each step.


06 bedded well- equipped PICU with trained staff is in service since 02 years. Aim is to provide around the clock care to the critically ill. We are working with administration to fulfill HR and encourage trained health care providers to facilitate our goal.

ER :

Open 24/7 , ER aims  at filtering the critically ill and those in need of urgent care immediately after reaching the health facility.

Care of newborn:

Our neonatologists work hard to bring advanced life care to the newborns.

Pediatric Nephrology:

Subspecialty pediatricians are available for management of pediatric nephrology cases.

The department is working in collaboration with the administration to provide specialist service of various modalities in pediatrics under the same roof. The ultimate aim is to facilitate the child patient in every way possible.

Faculty of Paediatrics Department

Dr. Saima Gillani- Chairperson


Qualification: MBBS, FCPS

Dr. Tahir Saeed Siddiqui


Qualification: MBBS, FCPS


 Dr. Shahzad Najeeb

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBBS, MCPS, FCPS

Dr. Saima Bibi

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBBS, FCPS


Dr. Ejaz Hussain

Assistant Professor

Qualification: ejaz@ayubmed.edu.pk

Dr. Raza Hussain

Assistant Professor


Dr. Madiha Rehman

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBBS, FCPS

Dr. Muhammad Ali Raza

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MCPS, MD CHPE

Dr. Tausif Ahmad

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBBS, FCPS