Message from the Chairperson, Department of Biochemistry

Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry at Ayub Medical College!

I am delighted to serve as the Chairperson of this dynamic department that provides innovative education, individualized advising, holistic mentoring. Our faculty members are experts in their fields and internationally certified in medical teaching. They are dedicated to providing our students with the best possible education and guidance in biochemistry.

Biochemistry is a foundational laboratory-based science for medicine. It is the study of important chemical processes occurring within living organisms and deals with interactions between living organic cells and their surrounding fluids/matter which makes it essential for understanding how the human body works and how diseases develop. This knowledge helps students to develop the skills they need to diagnose and treat diseases.

Biochemistry is the broadest of basic sciences, which includes many subspecialties such as neurochemistry, clinical biochemistry, molecular genetics, biochemical pharmacology and immunochemistry. A strong foundation in medical biochemistry is essential for success in a wide range of careers in the healthcare field. Some of the applications of biochemistry in daily life include:

·         Medicine and Healthcare.

·         Nutrition.

·         Diagnostic Tests.

·         Genetic Engineering.

  • Environmental Monitoring.
  • Biotechnology.
  • Forensic Science.
  • Industrial Processes

Our department offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers all aspects of biochemistry, from the molecular to the cellular level for undergraduate pursuing their career in Medicine and Dentistry.

The expertise of the non-academic staff is vital for the activities of the department. We are proud of all the members of our department and consider them as valuable members of our team

Our students are our asset and future. I urge you all to commit yourselves wholeheartedly to achieve academic excellence. I wish you great success and glory in the times to come!

May Allah Almighty be your Guide and Protector! Ameen


The department of Biochemistry Ayub Medical College was established in 1979 by Prof Dr. M.. Baseer Ahmed.  On 9 May 1979, the first batch comprises of 100 students stated its medical education and the degree completed 1984.

 Prof Dr Shoukat Ali Orakzai served the department as its head for 20 years i.e. from 1983- 2003. Under his supervision on 30 December 1990, the department was shifted to the new/current campus.

Former Head of Departments

  • Prof Dr Muhammad Baseer Ahmed. (1.4.1979–2.6.1983)
  • Prof Dr Shoukat Ali Orakzai (3.6.1983–7.10.2003)
  • Prof Dr Muhammad Hussain (8.10.2003–12.12.2012)
  • Prof Dr Norin Sultan (13.12.2012–30.5.2019)

Former Chairpersons of Departments

  • Prof Dr Ruhila Hanif (31.5.2019–2.6.2022)
  • Prof Dr Nadia Haleem (3.6.2022–25.1.2023) (acting Chairperson)
  • Prof Dr Ayesha Naureen Awan (26.1.2023 –till date)


The facilities provided by Biochemistry Department

The Department of Biochemistry provides teaching facilities to undergraduate students of MBBS and BDS classes. The subject is part of the curriculum as recommended by Pakistan Medical and Dental Council and the examining university i.e. Khyber Medical University.

The facilities provided are the following:

  1. Demonstration rooms for 80-100 students capacity
  2. Students Laboratories –spacious Laboratory for practical work, equipped with all instruments as required for undergraduate courses
  3. Research Laboratories
  4. Conference room for academic activities
  5. Lecture halls for 300 students seating arrangements
  6. Mini Departmental library and WIFI connections for digital access.


Our vision is to be a leading center of excellence for biochemistry education and research by developing, and promoting the knowledge of Biochemistry through education, research, and continuous professional development. Inspiring and empowering the next generation of scientists.


To provide hands-on laboratory and classroom-based integrated quality education to undergraduate students in the field of biochemistry, preparing them for successful careers in medicine, research, and other fields related to human health.

Faculty of Biochemistry Department:

Dr. Noreen Sultan


Qualification: MBBS, M.Phil

Dr. Ayesha Naureen Awan- Chairperson

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBBS,  M.Phil ICMT, CHPE, SEDA

Dr. Nadia Haleem

Associate Professor

Qualification: MBBS, M.Phil  ICMT, CHPE, SEDA

Dr. Sarwat Abbasi

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBBS, M.Phil ICMT, CHPE, SEDA

Dr. Sofia Shaukat

Assistant Professor

Qualification: MBBS, M.Phil ICMT, CHPE, SEDA

Dr. Maria Khan


Qualification: MBBS

Dr. Fizza Gul


Qualification: MBBS

Dr. Asma Rafique


Qualification: MBBS