The online meeting regarding the Development of “online system and resources of Medical Education” was held in Conference Room, Ayub Medical College via ZOOM webinar on Friday 4th December, 2020 under the chairmanship of Dr. Noaman Siddiqui. Dr. Noman Siddique and Dr. Ayesha Rafiq from DME Section and Ms. Kanwal Rubab, Mr. Waheed Gulzar, Mr. Kamran Javaid and Mr. Mujaddid Sameeh from IT Section, AMC attended the meeting.
The resource person was Dr. Hassan Ali Khan from University of Southampton UK, whose son has been admitted in 1st year MBBS, AMC, Abbottabad.
Dr. Hassan Ali briefs the participants regarding the Medical Education system in UK in general and his institute particular.
1. Currently they are using premium version of Blackboard collaborative as Learning Management System (LMS).
2. They have proper Study Guides uploaded on the LMS for each course they are offering in their institution.
3. They are teaching virtual clinical skills via 3-D cyber Anatomy, 3-D Videos, interactive tutorials with simulated patients.
4. They have approximately 250 students in first year which are further divided into 21 groups. Each group is assigned a facilitator/Mentor for teaching the virtual skills.
5. They are not taking any online summative assessments currently.
6. Dr. Hassan Ali Khan will share some of their institution’s resources in the form of e-books/ links.
7. Dr. Hassan Ali Khan is willing to have another meeting preferably on Wednesday, 16th December, 2020 on further elaboration on LMS. For this meeting more faculty members should be invited to attend.

The meeting ended with vote of thanks from the chair.