S.No. Name Appointed as
1. Dr. Ijaz Afzal Assistant Professor Anatomy
2. Dr. Afsheen Siddiqui Assistant Professor Pharmacology
3. Dr. Saima Bukhari Assistant Professor Pharmacology
4. Dr. M. Adeel Alam Assistant Professor Pharmacology
5. Dr. Shagufta Naeem Assistant Professor Pathology (Histopthology)
6. Dr. Romana Irshad Assistant Professor Pathology (Haematology)
7. Dr. Salma Shazia Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine
8. Dr. Omair Khan Assistant Professor Forensic Medicine
9. Dr. M. Zeeshan Haroon Assistant Professor Community Medicine
10. Dr. Danish Zafar Assistant Professor Ophthalmology
11. Dr. Khan Bahadur Assistant Professor Anaesthesia
12. Dr. Azmat Ali Shah Assistant Professor Anaesthesia
13. Dr. Mehran Khan Assistant Professor Dermatology
14. Dr. Jawad Hussain Assistant Professor Neurology
15. Dr. Yasir Pervez Assistant Professor Interventional Cardiology
16. Dr. M. Imran Khan Assistant Professor Cardiology
17. Dr. Inamul Haq Khan Assistant Professor Cardiology
18. Dr. Shahbaz Ali Khan Assistant Professor Neurosurgery
19. Dr. Baynazir Khan Assistant Professor Neurosurgery
20. Dr. S. Majid H. Shah Assistant Professor Oral Surgery
21. Dr. Abdur Rehman Assistant Professor Oral Pathology
22. Dr. Muhammad Idrees
S/o Kamin Afzal
Lecturer Basic Sciences
23. Dr. Maleeha Zia Mufti
D/o Zahid Zia Mufti
Lecturer Basic Sciences
24. Dr. Sundas Khan Sadozai
D/o Dr. Sher Khan Sadozai
Lecturer Basic Sciences
25. Dr. Mehwish Gul
D/o Muhammad Ayub
Lecturer Basic Sciences
26. Dr. Ariz Samin
S/o Zar Samin
Lecturer Basic Sciences
27. Dr. Maria Akhtar
D/o Akhtar Hussain
Lecturer Basic Sciences
28. Dr. Sonia Khan
D/o M. Akbar Khan
Lecturer Basic Sciences
29. Dr. Sabahat Asghar
D/o Ali Asghar Awan
Lecturer Basic Sciences
30. Dr. Ambreen Afridi
D/o Muzaffar Ali Afridi
Lecturer Basic Sciences
31. Dr. Abid Ali Khawaj
S/o Khawaj Muhammad
Lecturer Basic Sciences
32. Dr. Saad Muhammad
S/o Zardad Muhammad
Lecturer Basic Sciences
33. Dr. Fareeha Jadoon
D/o Shahzada Khan Jadoon
Lecturer Basic Sciences
34. Dr. Abdul Wajid
S/o Abdul Malik
Lecturer Basic Sciences
35. Dr. Rab Nawaz Khan
S/o Malik M. Nawaz Khan
Lecturer Basic Sciences
36. Dr. Nisar Ahmad
S/o Awal Dad
Lecturer Basic Sciences
37. Dr. Alamzeb Jadoon
S/o Aurangzeb Khan
Lecturer Basic Sciences
38. Dr. Shahid Farooq
S/o Ghulam Farooq
Lecturer Basic Sciences
39. Dr. Rizwana Iqbal
D/o Iqbal Zareen
Lecturer Basic Sciences
40. Dr. Zainab Jadoon
D/o Munsif Khan Jadoon
Lecturer Dentistry
41. Dr. Somayya Abdul Wahid
D/o Abdul Wahid
Lecturer Dentistry
42. Dr. Abid Hussain
S/o Siaf ur Rahman
Lecturer Dentistry
43. Dr. Ayesha Zaman Babar
D/o Maj. Akhtar Zaman Babar
Lecturer Dentistry
44. Dr. Eizza Niaz
D/o Niaz Muhammad
Lecturer Dentistry
45. Dr. M. Taimur Khan
S/o Mohammad Iqbal
Lecturer Dentistry
46. Dr. Zainab Jadoon
D/o Munsif Khan Jadoon
Lecturer Dentistry
47. Mr. Aftab Ahmad

S/O Sabar Khan

Lecturer Islamiyat
48. Lt.Col (R) Muhammad Tahir

S/O Ghulam Rabbani

Security Officer



S.No. Name Promoted as
1. Dr. Sumbal Tariq Professor of Pharmacology
2. Dr. Toqeer Iqbal Associate Professor Biochemistry
3. Dr. Nuzhat Raza Associate Professor Physiology
4. Dr. Bibi Munazza Associate Professor Physiology
5. Dr. Fatima Sherin Associate Professor Anatomy
6. Dr. Nasir Ahmad Associate Professor Medicine
7. Dr. Attiqur Rehman Associate Professor Medicine
8. Dr. Nasir Hussain Shah Kazmi Associate Professor Medicine
9. Dr. Sajjad Ahmad Associate Professor Surgery
10. Dr. Zaheerud Din Qureshi Associate Professor Surgery
11. Dr. Haider Kamran Associate Professor Surgery
12. Dr. Tahira Sajid Associate Professor ENT
13. Dr. Saima Gillani Associate Professor Paediatrics
14. Dr. Salim Wazir Professor of Community Medicine
15. Dr. Iram Sarwar Assistant Professor Gynaecology
16. Dr. Aamir Zeb Assistant Professor Ophthalmology
17. Dr. Muhammad Younis Assistant Professor Orthopaedic
18. Dr. Shahzad Najeeb Assistant Professor Paediatrics
19. Dr. Matiullah Khan Assistant Professor Cardiology
20. Mr. Shafique Muhammad Superintendent