Abbottabad, 8th June 2015: Pak Cancer Support Group celebrated World No Tobacco Day under the slogan of Tobacco Free Pakistan. A poster competition was held among  different school, college and university students of Abbottabad. Judges of the competition were Dr. Noman Siddique, Dr. Shahbaz Ali Khan and Dr. Madiha Naseer.

A panel discussion was also conducted at Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad  in commemoration with World No Tobacco Day. Prestigious guests were invited and included:

MPA Ms Amna Sardar, Professor Dr Shahid Sultan (principal Ayub medical college) Professor Dr Abid Jamil, Dr Zohaib, Professor Dr. Salma Kundi (Head of physiology department, Ayub medical college) and different medical and non-Medical institutions.

Pakistan Cancer support group is a volunteer’s society comprised of medical students and young doctors committed for a cancer free Pakistan. The society has been advocating for the Tobacco control in Pakistan since 2010 on national level, in different school , colleges, universities.  Todays activity was a continuum of their Annual World No Tobacco Day celebrations. Seizing the opportunity of  World No Tobacco day 2015, Pak cancer support group invited law makers, government functionaries, medical experts, medical and non-medical students for a policy debate. The session was conducted by Dr Sheraz Ahmed.

The participant of panel discussion included the following:

  1. MPA Ms Amna Sardar
  2. Professor D Abid Jamil
  3. Professor Dr. Salma Kundi ( Head of physiology department, Ayub Medical College),
  4. Dr Zohaib (PD).

Theme of the panel discussion evolved around current laws regarding tobacco control in the country, taxes reforms on the illegal tobacco trade and the role of volunteer’s society in the tobacco free Pakistan. It was suggested that our education system should in cooperate awareness regarding Hazards of smoking in the current school curriculum.

Based on the discussion a resolution was presented by the moderator, which was unanimously endorsed by the Panelists. It included:

  1. Tax reforms should be brought in the budget on illegal trade of Tobacco.
  2. Our education system should be reformed and hazards of smoking should be included in the school curriculum by in coperating our education ministry along with tobacco control cell.
  3. Volunteer societies should be brought under action regarding implementation of the laws and awareness in public masses.
  4. A proper legislation should be formed regarding control of environmental pollutants consumption in the country.

Chief Guest for the session MPA Ms.Amina Sardar added that smoking is an intensive issue currently prevailing in the country especially among the young generation. According to her studies 1000 school going children are smoking. And 5% of the women are also involved in it. Pakistan has highest ranking among smoke consumption countries in the world. She assured that Naswar and other illegal imported cigarette would be brought under the category of taxes, legislation is currently working on the tax reforms.  She was deeply grieved by the absence of representative from Provincial Tobacco Control Cell and relevant individual from health department.

It was resolved that resolution will be put forward before policy makers and proper measures will be taken in making Pakistan tobacco free.

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